Corporate governance

We believe that proactive and transparent corporate governance structure promotes responsible business conduct and long-term value creation.

Dive into our corporate governance

  • Articles of Association and statutory reports

    Read more about the purpose of Novonesis, and find links to our reports on corporate governance, diversity, data ethics and CSR.

  • Leadership governance

    Read more about the requirements and composition of our Board of Directors, as well as the rules of procedure for our Executive Leadership Team.

  • Annual General Meetings

    The Annual General Meeting ensures the basic right of shareholders to receive information and participate in key decisions regarding Novonesis.

Position on business integrity

We are committed to fostering a healthy business, operating with honesty, fairness, and adherence to ethical standards. Our business integrity is rooted in our core values of responsibility, accountability, transparency, and honesty.

One of the ways we reinforce our commitment to business integrity is by having our employees complete business integrity training every year. In 2023, 98% of our employees completed the training, and in 2022, that number was 97%.

Learn more about how we ensure a strong focus on business integrity in our daily work:

Novozymes Report 2023: Accounting note on Business ethics (p. 143)

Chr. Hansen Report 2022: Business ethics (p. 61)

people having meeting about corporate governance