Could our purpose
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We're here to better our world with biology.

Our purpose
Better our world with biology

We're a global company leading the era of biosolutions. By leveraging the power of microbiology with science, we transform the way the world produces, consumes and lives. In more than 30 industries, our biosolutions are already creating value for thousands of customers and benefiting the planet. Our 10,000 people worldwide work closely with our partners and customers to transform business with biology.

The world needs change

In Novonesis, we know that solutions rooted in biology can help solve humanity’s biggest challenges.

Since we began more than a century ago, this has been our guide. It’s how we've gotten so far. And it’s how we'll impact the future.

Now, more than ever, the world needs change. And with biosolutions, the possibilities for transformation are endless.

What our purpose means. Hear from your potential colleagues.

  • Yuchao


    Associate Scientist
    Household Care, China

    To me, Novonesis is a workplace where I work with top scientists from around the world in a culture of inclusivity and unlock new skills in a diverse community.

  • Qiang


    Senior Manager, Protein technology and Assay
    R&D, China

    Being part of Novonesis means developing better biological solutions for customers and the world to make life and environment clean, safe and sustainable.

  • Sanjay


    Change Management & Learning Lead
    Portfolio Acceleration Office, India

    Our purpose means that I contribute to better our world by enabling our commercial organization to influence customers to buy (more of) our biosolutions.

  • Peter


    Associate Manager
    Granulation, Denmark

    In Novonesis, I can contribute to better our world by continuously development and education of employees to deliver sustainable products to the world.

  • Tiago


    Head of Sales
    Plant Health, Brazil

    Our purpose means that I contribute to better our world world by pioneering the development of biosolutions that address urgent environmental challenges, drive sustainable development and boost productivity for farmers.

  • Wil


    Production Manager Technical Operations
    Operations, USA

    Being part of Novonesis means, being a contributor to a global community set on moving the world forward using biosolutions. Through collaboration with this community, we continue to supply customers with more sustainable and effective solutions.

  • Together we’ll better our world

    Join us to develop your career with a company that’s determined to change the world for the better.

  • Working at Novonesis

    We’re 10,000 people worldwide who challenge conventional thinking.

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