The transformation starts here

The transformation in how we all produce and consume starts with the choices we make every day. Our biosolutions make it easier for you to choose a healthier life on a healthier planet.

Three ways to a healthier life on a healthier planet

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    Biosolutions for human health

    People today want to be in control of their health at every life stage. And their needs are more complex and expectations higher than ever.

    With our scientifically-researched and clinically-tested biosolutions for a stronger body and mind, they can navigate to better lifelong health.

    Our portfolio is manufactured at scale in-house and includes prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, novel vitamins, proteins and many other biosolutions to help you meet people’s complex needs.

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    Biosolutions for food and beverages

    By 2050, we’ll need to feed two billion more people. At the same time, food producers face ever-changing consumer demands, a challenging economic climate and increased legislative requirements. 

    Our biosolutions help get more from less and make processes more sustainable and efficient. They enable great taste, texture and appearance with simpler, shorter labels. 

    They also extend shelf life, improve nutritional profiles and deliver novel health benefits. And they unlock new, more sustainable, protein sources.

  • BioAg

    Biosolutions for planetary health

    Innovative planetary health biosolutions improve the health of our planet.

    They reduce energy, chemical and water usage, help get more output from fewer raw materials and reduce waste in agriculture and across a wide range of industries.

    Working closely with you, we find biosolutions that can optimize your production and deliver products with new benefits and claims. All while helping to meet the needs of your customers, consumers and our planet.

Agents of change

Enzymes, functional proteins and microorganisms are our planet’s tiniest yet mightiest agents of change. We harness their power to create what we call biosolutions. These solutions rooted in biology are key to addressing many of the challenges our world faces. They’re transforming production, consumption and how we all live.

Our purpose 
points the way

In Novonesis, we know that solutions rooted in biology can help solve humanity’s biggest challenges. Since we began more than a century ago, this has been our guide. It’s how we've gotten so far. And it’s how we'll impact the future. Now, more than ever, the world needs change. And with biosolutions, the possibilities for transformation are endless.

We're here to better our world with biology.

Our story

In 2024 Chr. Hansen and Novozymes joined forces to form Novonesis.​

We are 10,000 people worldwide whose expertise spans more than 30 different industries. All around the world our biosolutions already create value for thousands of customers and benefit the planet. Our biosolutions enable feeding and fueling the world more sustainably, from healthy and sustainable nutrition to biofuel. Our biosolutions also reduce the use of fossil-based resources, chemicals, energy and water. And this is just the beginning.

Novonesis by the numbers

Novonesis by the numbers

Innovation at the right time, in the right place

Cutting-edge innovation is in our DNA; we’re right at the forefront of biosolutions development. And with the world’s most advanced biotech toolkit, a deep commitment to R&D and in-depth application expertise, we’re ready to help you.​

We’re developing ever more innovative biosolutions to better our world and create impact for our customers.

To better our world, we start with ourselves

Non-financial targets:​

• We aim to reduce emissions by 75% from our operations and 35% from our supply chain by 2030*

• We aim to have equal numbers of women and men (minimum 45% of each) by 2030


*Reductions in absolute CO2 emissions from a 2018 baseline

We better our business by bettering our world

Financial targets:

• 6-8% organic sales growth

• 37% adjusted EBITDA margin​**


*Including synergies
**Operating profit (EBIT) adjusted for amortization, depreciation, special items and impacts from the accounting for acquisitions

Our leadership team

Read about our Executive Leadership Team, and members of the Board of Directors.


Get to know us better

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    Policies & positions

    We take a clear stance on the issues that matter to you and society at large.

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    Corporate governance

    We believe that proactive and transparent corporate governance structure promotes responsible business conduct and long-term value creation.

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