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Articles from latest issue: March 2024

  • Superhero thumb

    Microbes: Invisible life forces that hold the key to our future

    Dive into the hidden world of microbes, the silent influencers governing our planet.

    From generating oxygen to pioneering biosolutions, these microscopic heroes play a crucial role in our future fighting global challenges such as antibiotic resistance, pollution, and food wastage.

    In this article we uncover their impact on sustainability and innovation for a more resilient future for us all.

  • sketch of two microbes fighting

    The battle on food waste: Good vs bad microbes

    Explore the unseen battle against food waste in this article, where we uncover the crucial role of microbes in preserving food and combating spoilage. With over a third of global food wasted, contributing to hunger and environmental damage, the spotlight turns to beneficial bacteria and fermentation processes.

    Learn how these tiny allies are revolutionizing food preservation, extending shelf lives, and offering sustainable solutions to one of the world's most pressing issues.

    Dive into the science behind bioprotection and discover how ancient practices meet modern technology to fight food waste and enhance food safety.