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Articles from latest issue: April 2024

  • An enzyme is like a power drill

    Enzymes: Catalysts of change, masters of transformation

    In the bustling world of biology, all living things – people, animal and plants – are home to advanced enzyme factories.

    Made by cells, enzymes are biological molecules, typically proteins. Unlike for instance bacteria, they are not living organisms – but they function as catalysts in living organisms.

    Unravel the mystery of enzymes in this article.

  • Enzymes break down food

    Enzymes at work: Let’s learn through some examples

    Enzymes have helped humans weave a fascinating tale of innovation and sustainable transformation but have remained the overlooked pillars of our existence.

    Now scientists, researchers, and corporations are unravelling newer and more innovative uses of enzymes to make the planet a better place for all living organisms.

    Learn through examples in this article.

  • Plastic eating bacteria

    Digesting the problem: Enzymes chew through plastic pollution

    Picture this: a world where we could capture all the nasty gases emitted when burning fossil fuels like coal and oil, then turn them right back into fuel.

    Burn, capture, use, and repeat – an endless loop of fossil fuel reuse. That would've been a game-changer, right? We would not be facing immediate threats of global warming and climate change as we do now.

    But there might be a solution...

Previous issues: March 2024

  • Superhero thumb

    Microbes: Invisible life forces that hold the key to our future

    Uncover the unseen microbial world, key in battling global issues like pollution and waste. Their role in sustainability shapes a resilient future.

  • sketch of two microbes fighting

    The battle on food waste: Good vs bad microbes

    Explore the unseen battle against food waste in this article, where we uncover the crucial role of microbes in preserving food and combating spoilage.