There's a biosolution for (almost) everything

Delicious cold cuts, healthier guts, thriving crops and so much more. Whatever you need, there's probably a biosolution for it.

Transformative biosolutions for your business and the world

With true collaboration and unparalleled technology we can help transform your business through biology. Benefit from 100+ years of innovation and experience in biosolutions and the top talent in the field. We have deep expertise in 30+ industries so we know your industry. And we have the biotech toolkit and versatility to deliver the exact solutions you need – fast.

Find biosolutions for your industry

  • Advanced-protein-solutions

    Advanced protein

    Access proteins tailored to meet consumers’ exact nutritional needs throughout their different life stages.

  • Animal-food-and-health

    Animal health and nutrition

    Increase feed yield and reduce waste in livestock production, while improving animal welfare and sustainability.

  • Baking


    Create baked goods that taste and look great, stay fresher throughout shelf life and deliver a range of health benefits.

  • Friends enjoying a glass of beer together


    Protect signature flavors and aromas in beer and wine while giving consumers the choice and sustainability they demand.

  • Bioenergy


    Gain a competitive edge through optimal plant performance for maximum value, additional flexibility and revenue streams.

  • Carbon-capture

    Carbon capture

    Make carbon capture more affordable, sustainable, convenient and reliable by replacing traditional chemicals.

  • Family standing in the kitchen sorting plastic waste

    Circular plastics

    Reduce the need for virgin plastic: reuse PET without compromising quality and develop 100% compostable PLA.

  • Boy enjoying yogurt


    Develop delicious, healthier fresh dairy with better shelf life and create exciting new tastes in cheese in a natural way.

  • Dietary-supplements

    Dietary supplements

    Help people navigate to better lifelong health with scientifically-researched and clinically-tested biosolutions.

  • Fine-chemicals

    Fine chemicals

    Get a range of advantages over chemical synthesis, conventional lysis in diagnostics and animal-origin cell culture.

  • Functional-food

    Functional foods

    Combine your food and beverage brands with our health-enhancing solutions for convenient ways to improve health.

  • Grain-and-starch

    Grain and starch

    Get the highest value output and lower water and energy use in corn and wheat separation and starch processing.

  • Household-care

    Household care

    Differentiate your dishwash, laundry, softener and microbial cleaning brands. Reduce HAI risk in medical cleaning.

  • Father kissing a sleeping newborn baby

    Infant nutrition

    Offer formula-fed infants an alternative that’s even closer to breast milk when breastfeeding isn’t an option.

  • Leather-and-textiles

    Leather and textiles

    Make high-quality products in a cost-effective way while improving production sustainability and supply reliability.

  • Meat seafood and culinary

    Meat, seafood and culinary

    Give people the authenticity they demand and safety they need while developing the rich flavors and colors they love.

  • oils and fats processing

    Oils and fats processing

    Unlock the potential of your plant. Minimize the use of chemicals, switch to low-cost feedstock, and maximize yield.

  • Plant-based-foods

    Plant-based foods

    Deliver great taste, texture, digestibility and the right nutritional profile. All with shorter ingredient lists.

  • BioAg

    Plant health

    Maximize yields with products that work with the plant and soil to reduce stress and increase nutrient availability.

  • Professional-cleaning

    Professional cleaning

    Enhance the sustainability, efficiency and safety of industrial hygiene, hard surface cleaning, warewashing and more.

  • Pulp-and-paper

    Pulp and paper

    Get the most from every tree, use more recovered fibers and reduce chemical and energy usage for greater sustainability.

  • Corn harvest


    Improve silage quality and production sustainability through better fermentation and inhibition of yeast and mold.

There’s a biosolution for
(almost) everything

Higher crop yields from healthier soil and better animal welfare. Delicious food that stays fresher for longer. Cleaner, softer laundry. Lower emissions and less pollution. Better mental and physical health from birth to old age. These are just some of the many ways our biosolutions transform lives every day.

And we’re just getting started.

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