Biosolutions for 
animal health & nutrition

How can you take your business into the future and care for your animals in the face of market volatility and changing ingredients? Innovative biosolutions hold the answer.

With biosolutions we can transform animal health

The agricultural industry is constantly evolving. There’s more demand than ever for livestock farming. Demand for protein from land-based aquaculture is also on the rise. But producing more is challenging – particularly while meeting consumers’ increasingly high standards.

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    Innovation takes your business into the future

    Dealing with changing ingredients and market volatility while caring for animals calls for innovation. It also requires a farm-to-fork ecosystem that is sustainable for your business. And for our planet.

    Novonesis biosolutions can help you increase both productivity and sustainability.

    You reap the innovation opportunities of a combined Chr. Hansen and Novozymes. That’s 100+ years each of biology specialization – now in one committed biosolutions leader.

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    Biosolutions make for better business

    Novonesis enzymes and microbial solutions improve animal performance. They increase the yield of your feed, improve animal welfare and decrease waste. All this through data-driven solutions to support animal health and feed efficiency. 

    Innovation and sustainable quality mean Novonesis biosolutions don’t just improve animal performance – they improve your performance too.

Leverage the power of biology

We’re here to transform livestock farming with the power of biology. Your expertise and our unrivaled biosolutions can make it happen sooner. And better.

Let’s create the innovations that will take your business into the future – together.

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Meet the growing demand for blue protein with biosolutions

Demand for healthy fish protein is on the rise globally. Land-based aquaculture has the potential to sustainably meet this demand. Biosolutions help unlock this potential by improving health and biosecurity.

Land-based cold water fish aquaculture


Enabling forage preservation to optimize your farm operations.

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