Biosolutions for beverages

From non-alcoholic to high-gravity beers, budget to luxury label wines and fresh to fermented juices, you can cater to all tastes and boost your bottom line with biosolutions.

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No matter how we toast, we expect great taste, aroma and appearance from beer and wine every time. But our preferences are also evolving, especially in beer.

As a brewer or winemaker, how can you protect signature flavors and aromas while respecting changing palettes? And how can you meet growing expectations for sustainability while maintaining the margins? Biosolutions can help. Skål.

  • Wide variaty of new innovative beer products

    Biosolutions for brewing

    Capitalize on evolving consumer demand while getting more from your brewing process. Provide beer enthusiasts with consistently high-quality options, catering to preferences for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties.

    Meet their sustainability expectations through local raw material sourcing, CO2 reductions and savings on water and energy. All while optimizing your process, raw material flexibility and costs.


  • People tasting a wide selection of wines

    Biosolutions for winemaking

    Get more from every grape you crush and offer outstanding wine experiences in every glass. Craft and protect amazing flavors and aromas that leave a lasting impression.

    Cater to the increasing demand for fewer additives while keeping quality high. All while achieving batch-to-batch consistency, whether you’re developing budget bottles or luxury labels.

Biosolutions for juice

Improve yield, clarity, stability and color in apple, pear, stone fruit, grape and berry processing with Novozymes biosolutions for juice. Use local vegetables to create juices with great taste, longer shelf life and health properties with Chr. Hansen biosolutions for fermented juice.