Biosolutions for dairy

Delicious flavors and textures, responsible production and affordability. People expect a lot from dairy. Exceed expectations and get maximum value from your process with biosolutions.

Dairy that delivers

From morning yogurts to after-dinner cheeseboards, people love dairy for its great flavors and textures. Consumers in mature dairy markets are becoming more aware of responsible dairy production. Meanwhile, in emerging markets, people are starting to request delicious yet affordable dairy products. Both trends push dairies to optimize their production and get more with less.

Find out how biosolutions can help you deliver everything people want from dairy.

  • Fresh dairy

    Biosolutions for fresh dairy

    Create tastes and textures people will love in all your dairy products. We've got biosolutions for spoonable and drinking yogurts, skyr, kefir, sour cream, buttermilk and so much more. Develop even healthier products, with lower lactose and sugar and added probiotics for immune and gut health. Keep them fresher for longer with bioprotection against yeast and mold. All while getting maximum value throughout your process – from milk to end product.

  • cheese platter

    Biosolutions for cheese

    Develop exciting new tastes in all cheese types in a natural way, while maintaining cherished traditions. Get the broad range of textures and functionality needed for food service, home cooking and on-the-go consumption. Seize growth opportunities by catering to local preferences. All while getting maximum value throughout your process from milk to cheese to whey.