Biosolutions for
meat, seafood and culinary

Get great flavor, texture and color across a broad range of meat and seafood applications, while enhancing food safety.

Succulent, more sustainable and safer

People love meat and seafood for their signature flavors and colors. They also love authenticity. So they expect a rich taste and irresistible appearance without artificial ingredients. And with the growing awareness of how food waste impacts our planet, people want food to last longer. They also want to be sure the food they love is safe to eat.

Find out how biosolutions can help you give people everything they want from meat and seafood.

  • Meat seafood and culinary

    Biosolutions for meat, seafood and culinary

    Develop salami, pepperoni, dry cured meats, bacon, fresh and emulsified sausage and cold cuts with the right flavors, textures and colors. And get them right every time with consistent culture performance.

    Extend the shelf life of meat and smoked salmon – even after opening – with ‘good’ bacteria that help stop the growth of bacteria that cause spoilage. 

  • Hand holding protein pill

    Biosolutions for animal protein

    Reduce waste and improve your sustainability, product quality and yield with microbial enzymes. Convert meat and seafood co-products into high-value protein-rich ingredients.

    Improve your gelatin extraction process and produce high-quality collagen peptides. Convert animal co-products into valuable pet food palatants, animal digest and protein-rich pet food.