Biosolutions for
plant-based meat, culinary, dairy and ingredients

Giving consumers everything they want from plant-based food and drinks leads to a range of complex questions.

Find the answers inside the plants with biosolutions

People want great taste, texture and digestibility from their plant-based proteins. They also expect the right nutritional profile, with high protein levels and low/no added sugar or salt. Long, complex ingredient lists, complicated cooking instructions or short shelf lives could put them off trying plant-based.

So how do you give people everything they want from plant-based meat, culinary and dairy? The answers are inside the plants. Find them with biosolutions.

  • Woman enjoying plant-based meat burger

    Biosolutions for plant-based meat and culinary goods

    Attract and retain consumers by giving them everything they want from plant-based meat. Create great texture with a simple label across protein substrates, applications and recipes. Enhance flavor, texture and cost efficiency and reduce salt levels.  Optimize food safety and shelf-life extension. And deliver the same taste experience every time.

  • plant-based sushi with boosted umami flavors

    Biosolutions for plant-based ingredients​

    Whether you’re working with hydrolyzed soy protein, yeast extract or other plant-based ingredients, biosolutions can help you make them better. They unlock inherent flavor, texture and nutritional benefits across a range of plant-based ingredients in a consumer-friendly way.  The result is plant-based foods and drinks that consumers love.

  • Father pouring delicious plant-based dairy

    Biosolutions for plant-based dairy

    Give people the tastier, healthier and more sustainable dairy alternatives they want. With our biosolutions and the support of our application experts you can improve yields. You can also adjust sweetness, texture and taste, position your product as healthy and reduce food waste. Whatever your consumers want, cultures and enzymes are your route to products they will love.