Pure biology, better food and beverages

With a pure dedication to biology, we're the right partner to help you make food and beverages even better.

We need a transformation

By 2050, we’ll need to feed two billion more people. Yet feeding the current global population is already overstretching the earth’s resources. At the same time, food producers face ever-changing consumer demands, a challenging economic climate and increased legislative requirements.

It’s time for a transformation in how we cultivate, produce and consume food.

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Let’s bring biology back

Food is biology. It’s the wheat enzymes that give bread a golden crust. And it’s the cultures that enable the thousands of fermented cheeses, meats and wines that are part of our rich global tapestry of food.

Biology holds the answers to many of the challenges faced by food producers and our planet. Yet from synthetic fertilizers to artificial preservatives, we often overlook biology as we strive to make food better.

It’s time to bring it back.

Purely dedicated to biology

At Novonesis, we’re solely focused on biology. For more than a century we’ve been replicating, improving and accelerating its power in biological solutions, or biosolutions.

Our biosolutions are tiny but mighty enzymes and microbes that make a broad range of food and beverages better. They help you get more from less and make your processes more sustainable and efficient. They enable great taste, texture and appearance with simpler, shorter labels. They extend shelf life, improve nutritional profiles and deliver novel health benefits. They also unlock new, more sustainable, protein sources. Our biosolutions even help to maintain the authenticity and improve the sustainability of established proteins. And we’re only getting started.

Unlock biology’s full potential with a partner you can trust

Through a combination of deep microbial expertise and enzymatic know-how, Novonesis unlocks potential synergies. These synergies could help you make food even better.

We combine a leading biotech toolkit, an understanding of your world and deep market and consumer insights to co-create with you.

The result is innovations to fuel your success. And with more than a century of experience and a world-class supply chain, you can rely on us to deliver high-quality products when and where you need them.

Man partnering up with his grandma in the kitchen

Working side by side with you

We work side by side with customers at facilities all over the world, helping them get the most from our leading portfolio of innovative biosolutions. Because from dairy engineers to bakers and from butchers to brewmasters, our people’s deep application expertise is born of a passion for food.

It’s this passion that makes us the right partner to help you transform your processes, your products and your impact on the planet with biosolutions.

See how biosolutions can make food and beverages even better

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