Life is a journey,
so is good health.
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As the global leader in biosolutions for human health, we have a portfolio that's broad and deep enough to meet people’s complex and changing needs.

Taking control and expecting more

People today want to be in control of their health at every life stage. And their needs are more complex and expectations higher than ever.

Whether their goal is to prevent health challenges, alleviate symptoms or enhance nutrition, they want solutions tailored to their lifestyles. They also want products that work with the body and deliver what they promise.

Human Health Biosolutions in 90 seconds

Better lifelong health

We help people navigate to better health from the beginning of life right through to old age with scientifically-researched and clinically-tested biosolutions for a stronger body and mind.

We offer prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, novel vitamins, protein ingredients and many other biosolutions.

Making it simpler to meet complex health needs

Our portfolio has the breadth and depth you need to meet people’s complex needs today. And through our unique go-to-market model – with a presence across multiple channels – we gather insights to help us innovate for future needs.

Thanks to our gold-standard clinical trials and demonstrated real-world experience, these innovations have the transparency people demand.

We’ve got the strength to help you stay ahead

Through our global reach we’ve gained cross-market regulatory expertise. So we’re ready to help you take advantage of the industry’s increasing globalization. And because we manufacture at scale in-house, you can be sure of a secure, consistently high-quality supply.

These strengths, along with our application expertise, allow us to deliver full turnkey provision across all markets and formats. Our end-to-end service streamlines development and production to help you stay ahead.

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The right partner to put people in control of their health

Your goal is to put people in control of their health at every life stage. We have the experience, expertise and scale to help you make it happen.

As the global leader in biosolutions for human health we’re your partner for innovation & growth – today and in the future.

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