Investor relations policy

Discover the purpose of investor relations and explore details regarding communication with the capital markets.

Investor relations purpose

It is Novonesiss’s objective to have a stable, long-term focused, diversified base of institutional investors that share the company’s vision and strategy.

Investor Relations supports this by:

  • Creating long-term value through effective, insightful and open two-way communication with the capital markets based on relevant, accurate, balanced and timely information as a basis for regular trading and fair pricing of Novonesis shares
  • Maintaining an ongoing relationship with the capital markets to ensure Novonesis is perceived as a visible, accessible, reliable and professional company
  • Providing investors with insights into Novonesis at the Annual Shareholders Meeting
  • Conveying information from the capital markets back to Novonesis’ Executive Leadership Team and the Board of Directors
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant rules and regulations


Communication with the capital markets

The IR policy sets the overall standards for how Novonesis communicate with stakeholders in the capital markets. All share price-sensitive information is published as legally required and subsequently released via distribution channels and on our website. All communication with the capital markets also adhere to the objectives set out in our communication policy.

Investor Relations is responsible for planning, preparing and organizing written and oral communication with the capital markets. This includes:

  • Financial statements and reports, as well as subsequent conference calls, investor meetings and roadshows
  • Various presentations for the capital markets for different purposes including broker conferences and shareholder meetings
  • Capital markets days
  • Investor Relations section of website specifically directed at the capital markets
  • Relevant releases aimed at the capital markets and connecting conference calls
  • Replies to inquiries from analysts and investors where Investor Relations will merely correct historical factual information, point out information that is publicly available in the public domain and discuss generally the factors that might influence the underlying assumptions used for future projections

Communication with the financial markets is limited within certain silent periods leading up to each quarterly release for commenting on matters related to results and expectations. The silent periods are disclosed on our website.

Spokespersons authorized to communicate with the financial markets are, unless otherwise agreed, the Executive Leadership Team and Investor Relations. Investor Relations is to be present at all interactions between company representatives and the capital markets.

Investor Relations is available for questions and information.

*The capital markets include analysts, stockbrokers, individual and institutional investors but exclude media and rating agencies.

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