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Soapers can now give consumers environmentally friendly whiteness and brightness maintenance

Novonesis is launching Luminous® – a biological alternative to petroleum-based technologies for maintaining whiteness and brightness of fabrics.

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark – March 1, 2024. Novonesis (the company formed through the combination of Novozymes and Chr. Hansen), a leading supplier of enzymes for the detergent industry, is launching Luminous® – a biological alternative to petroleum-based technologies for maintaining whiteness and brightness of fabrics. With traditional ingredients like optical brighteners and polymers being under scrutiny from eco-labels and consumers, Luminous® fills a gap in the market by offering a readily biodegradable alternative.  

Luminous® is a detergent enzyme that prevents clothes from turning gray and dull, allowing consumers to use them for longer. It is the latest among many powerful biosolutions from Novonesis and it contributes to enabling renewable ingredients and biodegradable detergent formulations, supports reduction of carbon footprint of detergents and minimizes water heating and chemical usage during the laundry process. These are all actions that support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Vice President of Global Marketing at Novonesis, Hans Ole Klingenberg, says:

Luminous® is a readily biodegradable solution that performs as well as, if not better than, existing petrochemical alternatives. Luminous® is suitable for different detergent formats and formulations, which increases the flexibility our customers have when developing new detergents. It gives them the freedom to innovate around detergent formulations and remove problematic ingredients without compromising on performance.

Studies from 2021 indicate that 75% of Western European consumers would switch from their main detergent to a more biodegradable and environmentally friendly alternative if it could perform equally well*. Another study has also shown that consumers are not satisfied with how quickly their new garments start graying and fading, making them quickly look old**. As pre-loved clothes become increasingly popular and consumers simultaneously lower the wash temperature, it's important to properly clean and care for garments to maintain their quality and color.

Luminous® is compatible with Ecolabel, ECOCERT and is EPA Safer Choice certified, ensuring its environmental credentials. 


*Novozymes/Conjointly consumer survey 2021 with 1772 consumers surveyed  

** Novozymes/Conjointly consumer survey 2019 with 1902 consumer surveyed 

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